About Us

Construction job manager contractors and builder

Designed by Poul Norholm General Contractor

After 30 years as a custom home builder I decided to put all that experience to work for you and designed a construction app for contractors and builders to manage all your jobs, start to finish. Actually, See Job Run is as much for me as it is for you.  I wanted something I could use everyday with any job or lead I  worked on.   This app is for all of us construction job managers who supervise and manage projects  with endless details.

Hi, my name is Poul Norholm.  I’m the president of Oak Coast Construction, Inc. and have been a general contractor since 1996.  I specialize in custom homes, but I’ve built my share of additions, remodels and commercial jobs.   With the influx of all the new apps you would think there would be one that met my requirements.  One app to run the whole job.  Sorry to say I could not find one.  That is when I decided to make one.

See Job Run was designed out of necessity more than anything.  That is why I know it will work for you.   You are going to love this app!

I picked the best team for the job

Contractor Website Services has been handling all my marketing and advertising for the past 15+ years.  I am always at the top of Google.  David  has a great team of hard working professionals that get the job done.  Not only do they do websites and marketing but they took all my concepts and designs and created this amazing app See Job Run.  

If you need any marketing, websites or apps built you have to give them a call.