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This is a Field Service Management Solution to help you run all your jobs.  This is where you jot down any task assignment or schedule the next trade and then give it a priority and due date.  Its an excellent Contractor Project Tracking Tool task / planner and the best part is you can assign it directly to an employee or a subcontractor or supplier.  Who ever you assign get it immediately with any details, pictures or documents to complete the task.    Reduce calling and reminding.  Everyone on your team will be current with any changes.  Everything is in real time and in English or Spanish.

Without having to do another thing your job calendar will auto fill in this information along with who it was assigned to so your client will be kept in the loop.  You can share this and any other pages with each contact including your clients.

Once the task item is completed the subcontractor can check it off and in real time you will see it marked as completed.  They can even include a picture for your convenience.  You need to add this Construction Project Management Software to your business.

As you see you can also call for inspection from this page as well.