How It Works

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Mastering construction management:

A how-to guide on how See Job Run works for you

Being a project manager for multiple construction jobs can be a daunting task with details scattered across various platforms, clipboards, sticky notes, and notepads.

Introducing SEE JOB RUN: The ultimate project management app designed exclusively for construction job managers .  Streamline your workflow and organizational woes by managing all your jobs and leads in one convenient place.

Key Features

Lead Management

Effortlessly gather and save new leads, ensuring accessibility whenever you need them.

Client/Job Tracking

Seamlessly track all client and job-related information, including punch lists, time cards, and job calendars.

Final Punch Lists

Assign tasks to your team for each job, ensuring efficient task management.

Time Cards with Easy Billing

Break down time cards by job, simplifying attendance management and billing processes.

Job Calendar

Maintain a job-specific calendar for scheduling and closely tracking your project's progress.

File Management

Store and access picture and document files for each project with ease.

Subcontractor Tracking

Quickly identify which employees or subcontractors are working on each job.

Change Orders

Collaborate on change orders with subcontractors or clients, complete with digital signatures and approvals.


Effortlessly share project information with clients, foremen, and subcontractors, ensuring seamless communication.


Showcase the percentage of completion for each construction stage to clients, supervisors, or financial institutions.


About the Creator

Meet Poul, a licensed general contractor with over 26 years of hands-on experience in the industry.  SEE JOB RUN was born from Poul’s desire to provide the construction industry with a solution that perfectly caters to its unique needs.  The app is designed to be user-friendly while packing a punch with features to run your jobs efficiently and professionally.  Whether you and your team use Android or iOS devices, See Job Run seamlessly brings everyone together.